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Contributors to the 134th AHC History are as follows:

------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------
John Agnew (65-66)     Jim Granlund (67-68)
Arvine Coleman (69-70)     Edward Ybarrola (68-69)
Walter Chrobak (67-68)     Stephen Franich, Jr (71)
Stan Gause (67-68)     David Ayers (70-71)
Jimmy James (69-70)     Harold Shonk (67-68)
Jim Brady (68-69)     Sam Robinson (68-69)
Bob Morris (69-70)     Andre Garesche (70-71)
Curt Easterbrook (69)     John Thorpe (67-68)
Richard Keilman (67)     Tom Offutt (70-71)
Bruce Porter (69-70)     Ralph Staunton (71)
Robert Anderson (70)     Wayne Hall (67-68)
Anthony Constanza (69-70)     Eric Stork Hamel (67-69)
Patrick Pavey (69-70)     Rick Pemberton (69-70)
Barry Spencer (68-69)     James DeWitt (69)
Jack McDonald (68-69)     Hans-Jürgen Underwood (70-71)
Joel Harris (68-69)     Mike Ogrysko (68-69)
Tifis Flinn (68-69)     Ed Kalakauskis (70-71)
Cary Mendelsohn (70)     Bob Giebner (69-70)
Gene Molek (68-69)     Merrill Adamcik (65-66)
Orin Nagel (67-68)     Russ Hiett (70-71)

(a) Many thanks to Stan Gause for the countless hours gathering and compiling our units history.

(b) Special thanks are extended to the men of the 281st Assault Helicopter Company who originally       expressed some of the thoughts in the introduction which, of course, apply to all helicopter units that       served in Vietnam.

(c) If you are able to contribute photos, stories or other information please contact the Webmaster:      Hans-Jürgen Underwood US Army(RET).

HELP If you find an error, please contact Hans through the mail room or email contacts options with the error and it's location. Additionally, questions and comments are always encouraged.

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