Brothers of the
134th Assault Helicopter Company

We soared above the Vietnamese landscape with courage, skill, and pride
We carried troops and supplies and fought the foe side by side
We painted our helicopters with comic strip characters and gave them names
We gave them personality and flair all while earning some fame
We flew over 100,000 combat hours and participated in many operations
We faced danger and adversity and fulfilled our obligations
We morned the loss of twelve of our own shedding some tears and blood
We formed a band of brothers and became a brotherhood
Though our unit stood down in 71 and passed into history
We never foregot our brothers, our mission and our legacy
We built a website to keep our memories alive
And vowed to meet annually to feel our spirits thrive
We are the brothers of 134th, a unit of distinction, renown and glory
There will never be another, this is not the end of our story.

by Hans-Jürgen Underwood
Last Modified: Sunday March 17th, 2024