43. Reprint of Major Cramer's Farewell Party Menu

Charcoal Steak        Baked Beans                 French Fried Potatoes

Demon Eggs            Assorted Relish Tray     Buttered Corn

Chilled Fruit             Fresh Bread                   Demitasse

It is with great sorrow that the abduction of Carl L. Cramer, Major, TC (Truckdrivers Corps) is announced. Effectively escaping the impending AGI his unusual abilities will be sorely missed by the company.

Demon 66, 618th Light Infantry (Perimeter Security) Detachment Commander, will live in the hearts and minds of all those associated with him whenever they experience an engine or tail rotor failure. Perfecting revolutionary and unauthorized maintenance techniques the flight line became known for its highly professional quality which can be directly attributed to Major Cramer. Quotations taken from Major Cramer's Handbook of Maintenance Tips include:

The instrument is wrong, your EGT can't be that high

Reduce your fuel load to 100 pounds and power will increase

Hit the glass and maybe the needle will move

You don't need a tachometer, use your ears

Fly it anyway

Steal it

Organizational maintenance, it has a leak somewhere

Certainly an L-9 has more power than an L-13, would I kid you

A second stage compressor is just what it says-secondary

No mission was too dangerous, no flight too difficult, no weather too hazardous both night and day, through enemy fire and friendly artillery he met the challenge and has been awarded the Air Medal with T Device for Traffic Pattern.

As chief designer and engineer of the Cramer Compact Water Heater he spent many long and dangerous hours preparing our nightly showers. The 618th built up a PLL of 18 complete UH-1 aircraft hidden throughout the area, an event accomplished with great secrecy and one which greatly assisted the maintenance effort. All this can also be attributed to Major Cramer. No one else will take responsibility for his actions.

As he leaves it is with deep regret, who else can claim they never saw Camp MacCall, who else will drink 7-UP, who else will awaken Platoon Commanders at ridiculous hours for minor maintenance discrepancies? It is with weary mind and high expectations that we hope his successor with correct these deficiencies.

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