April 2024

  Line #              Date                 Upgrade/Update Tasks
April 26th 2024 After 2.75 years, I've reached a stage in this rewrite where I'm revisiting numerous pages to incorporate new functions I've acquired along the journey, thereby streamlining the source code. The last couple of days I added new features to numerous pages annoted with the last mod date. This way, you’ll have a way to track the last modification date for each individual page.
April 24th 2024 Modified the new Stan Gause page. Changed the way Stan's photos are displayed when enlarged.
April 21st 2024 Continued working on the New Unit Store page. Modified the Unit Patch page.
April 20th 2024 Added a link to George Scott for Unit Patch Purchases. You'll find the link on the Unit Patch page. Made some source code changes to some of the history pages. Under Construction is a New Unit Store page. It will be located under the About Menu.
April 18th 2024 Added a new page recognizing Stan Gause for his contribution to the History pages. This page can be located under the History Introduction page, Contributors.
April 16th 2024 To facilitate easier access to the LZ Gatlinburg Registration form and the Reunion pages, I relocated them from the Photo Gallery to the Reunions Gallery, where they now serve as a main menu header. BTW, registration form must be received by the 1st of May 2024
April 15th 2024 Found and corrected a few typos in the MainMenu page as well as the Our Mission page. Made corrections to the Reunions and Gallerys Menus.
April 10th 2024 For the past few days I've been updating the source code for the History pages, finishing up this morning.
April 6th 2024 Finished Updating source code for all Recollection pages.
April 3rd 2024 Updated the source code for the Roster pages..
April 2nd 2024 Finished upgrading source code for Our Aircraft pages.
April 1st 2024 I created the April 2024 Whats New page. Updated the AboutUS page. Updated the AWord page. Worked on upgrading Our Aircraft pages.
Last Modified: Monday June 3rd, 2024