August 2023

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Update/Upgrade Tasks

August 31st 2023

Updating the menu system will take a minute. Continuing the process.

August 25th 2023

Continuing to modify the menu system. 134th AHC Patches, Born in battle t-shirt, Whats New and Mission.

August 21st 2023

Modifying the menu system. History menus today.

August 18th 2023

Added more context to the A Word page.

August 15th 2023

Made menu adjustments to the Remembrance page.

August 14th 2023

Made cosmetic changes to the the mainmenu page. Changed the background on many of the In Country Intro pages.

August 13th 2023

Updated the index file with a message providing the number of days till LZ Granite Falls.

August 1st 2023

Vacation through August 10th

Last Modified: Thursday August 31st, 2023