January 2023

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Update/Upgrade Tasks

January 31st 2023

Updated Tail number pages as well as the Roster pages. Finished upgrading the remaining Recollection pages.

January 30th 2023

Upgraded page backgrounds on Recollection pages, got up to story 41. Upgraded photos for Swickard, Swope, Torchia, Volack, Young and Zale.

January 29th 2023

Upgraded photos for Saraydarian, Schuster, Scott, Sheron and Smith

January 28th 2023

Upgraded photos for Nelson, Newman, Ogden, Partin, Pemberton, Robichaud, Root and Rovig

January 27th 2023

Upgraded photos for Motsinger and Muth

January 25th 2023

Added a brief history of our unit patch. Made cosmetic changes to the unit patch page. Upgraded photos for Koehler, Lionti, Maryanski, Matthews, and McNeely.

January 24th 2023

Upgraded photos for Agan, Jones, Juhl, Kelley, Kenna and Kuch

January 23rd 2023

Paul Maryanski sent more LZ San Antonio photos, all posted. Upgraded photos for Harding, Hill, Hudson and Jennings

January 22nd 2023

Updated the Challenge Coin page. Updated some of the recent reunion pages source code

January 21st 2023

Upgraded photos for Fullbright, Gallegos, Gaskill, and Gause

January 20th 2023

Upgraded photos for Chrobak, Clements, Cook, Coon and Flerlage

January 19th 2023

Replaced most of the page backgrounds. Still a few to go. Sadley added Martin D. Dillingham's name and photo to the Last Flight Check 2023 page. Updated the Contact Menu photo with additional names. Finished reformating my 86 VN In-country photo.

January 18th 2023

Rewrote Burns, Bowman, Brady's in-country photo page. Continued working on my VN Photo Gallery Photos

January 17th 2023

Trying something new with my VN Photo Gallery Photos

January 16th 2023

Updated LZ San Antonio photos page

January 15th 2023

Updated Then N Now pages. Updated all Last Flight Check pages Added animation to my (Hans) In-country photos

January 14th 2023

Added a What's New Page. Updated All Roster pages

January 13th 2023

Updated all of the brothers in-country photos. Updated Then N Now page

January 12th 2023

Updated LZ Washington Reunion photos continued. Updated LZ Columbus Enlarged Photo Help link

January 11th 2023

Updated Attention to Orders page. Updated LZ Washington Reunion photos continued. Updated The Battle of Cung Son pages

January 10th 2023

Updated LZ Washington Reunion photos continued

January 10th 2023

Updated our Mission Statement

January 10th 2023

Updated the Aircraft on display photos

January 10th 2023

Updated About Us page

January 9th 2023

Updated LZ Washington Reunion photos

January 8th 2023

Updated the Map of Vietnam page

January 7th 2023

Updated The AWord page

January 6th 2023

Updated Tail number pages

January 2th 2023

Updated 134th AHC Patches pages

Last modified: Monday June 5th, 2023