January 2024

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Update/Upgrade Tasks

January 27th 2024

Started identifying faces in the Reunion 2009 photos.

January 25th 2024

Modified the Challenge Coin page. Modified most of the LZ reunion pages.

January 22nd 2024

Continuted to add items to the OurSiteContributors page.

January 21st 2024

This morning I added some newly found obituaries to the LastFlightCheck pages.

January 19th 2024

Made some cosmetic changes to all the LZ reunion pages. Added a new video to the LZ Gatlinburg page.

January 18th 2024

Added another LZ Granite Falls Reunion video. Added a YouTube video containing the VHPC Memorial dedication on the Main Menu page. Added a countdown to spring on the index page. Update the THenNNow enlarged photo.

January 17th 2024

Updated the obituary pages adding Tom Plunk and Terry Buttram's pages.

January 13th 2024

Added the LZ Gatlinburg 2024 Reunion Registration form.

January 10th 2024

Added 2 Helicopter videos to the LZ Granitefalls page.

January 9th 2024

Replaced the background on all the Reunion menus.

January 8th 2024

Updated the Aircraft On Display pages with an animated US Flag background. Updated the Born in Battle t-shirt page.

January 7th 2024

Updated many of the Reunion Group enlargement photos. Added a marquee to the AboutUs page.

January 6th 2024

Updated the 238 Brief History page. Started to update the seasonal backgrounds replacing the Graphics by Hans, and index pages. Updated the Roster Menu enlarged photo.

January 4th 2024

Finished replacing all the Last Flight Check pages with an animated flag background.

January 3rd 2024

Put a new background on the Last Flight Check 2023 page. Put an animated background on a few of the Last Flight Check pages.

January 2nd 2024

Added a link to the January 24 WhatsNew page on the MainMenu page. Rewrote the AWord page. Updated the AboutUs page as well.

January 1st 2024

Updated the background view for the Index and Aword pages.

Last Modified: Saturday January 27th, 2024