July 2024

  Line                 Date                    Upgrade/Update Tasks
July 11th 2024 Updated the attendees list for the LZ Gatlinburg Reunion. Made some source code corrections on the History-1971 page to take out a space after the There will never be another line.
July 9th 2024 Rewrote the SiteQuotes page.
July 6th 2024 Updated the source code on the Reunions Map page.
July 4th 2024 Updated the Last FLight Check 2024 page by adding Joe Hyde and Robert Giebners names. May they rest in peace. Updated the source code on the ThenNNow-Enlarged photo page. Updated the source code on all the unit patches pages.
July 3rd 2024 Updated the July whatsnew page. Added another attendee to the 2024 Attendee page. Added a Stats page to the Roster. Changed the background videos on the index, mainmenu and roster pages.
July 1st 2024 Created the July whatsnew page.
Last Modified: Thursday July 11th, 2024