June 2024

  Line                 Date                    Upgrade/Update Tasks
June 28th 2024 Replaced the Y/N for email in the Unit Roster. Replaced them with green checks and red X's.
June 27th 2024 Made some alignment changes to the Roster page.
June 26th 2024 Rewrote the Attendees pages for the 2022-2024 reunions.
June 25th 2024 Slowed the scrolling speed on the remembrance page. Made some modifications to the reunion page menus by removing the remaining dropdowns of the back buttions. Found and corrected the date errors in the reunion pages.
June 19th 2024 Made some modifications to the AboutUs and AWord pages. I also removed the dropdown on most of the back buttions.
June 17th 2024 Been working on the Roster page since the 13th. Today I completed the update.
June 13th 2024 Made some corrections on both the Roster and Aircraft pages. Moved the Then N Now menu to the Top of the Main Menu page.
June 10th 2024 Upgraded the Definitions page located on Our History page.
June 6th 2024 Upgraded the Remembrance page.
June 5th 2024 Rewrote the header lines on the Aircraft page.
June 3rd 2024 Still making adjustments to the Roster page. Also upgraded the June WhatsNew page.
June 2nd 2024 Today I added row numbers to the Our Unit Roster page.
Last Modified: Friday June 28th, 2024