May 2024

  Line #              Date                 Upgrade/Update Tasks
May 31st 2024 So, this morning I finished the upgrade of the Recollections pages. Additionally, I highlighted Roy E. Worth, Guido Silvestro Reali Jr., Harold Orion Hoskins and Ronald Ray Loveland on the Roster page by adding a mouse over on Position column with the story of the day 295 was attacked. Created the WhatsNew page for June 2024
May 30th 2024 For the last couple of days, I've been working on updating the Our Recollections pages. It's going to take a bit of time to update all 62 pages, so I appreciate your patience.
May 29th 2024 Modified the AircraftGallery-Enlarged slide.
May 28th 2024 Continuing source code upgrades on the Roster, WhatsNew and Reunion Attendee pages.
May 27th 2024 Made more source code upgrades to the Unit Roster. I also made some coding corrections on the history pages.
May 26th 2024 Continued source code upgrades to the WhatsNew pages.
May 25th 2024 Made several code upgrades to all the ThenNNow pages. Additionally, I adjusted the scrolling speed on the Remembrance page and finally, I added a link to the 1967 history page on the 134thAHC patches page. Upgraded the source code to the April WhatsNew page.
May 24th 2024 Made some alignment changes to the Registrations received contained in the LZ Gatlinburg page. Modifications were also made to the May 2024 WhatsNew page.
May 23rd 2024 This month I directed my attention to a search feature which now has been added to both the Roster and Aircraft pages. Moving and consolidating the 865 roster records over to the new roster page was very time comsuming but worth it. Consolidating the Aircraft pages with their 118 records was somewhat challenging but now working properly. Additionally the Veterans Prayer poem has been added to the PoemMenu.
May 11th 2024 Over the last seven days, I've been updating the Roster pages. The initial page now features a convenient search function. I've also introduced two new fields: Email (Yes/No) and Position. As I proceed with the revisions, you're welcome to refresh your status. Transferring all the data to the revamped page is likely to require another week's work.
May 2nd 2024 Updated the source code for the Unit patches pages.
May 1st 2024 I created the May 2024 Whats New page. Updated the all roster pages with a brief roster history.
Last Modified: Friday May 31st, 2024