November 2023

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Update/Upgrade Tasks

November 30th 2023

Updated all the History pages. I added a poem as well.

November 29th 2023

Created the new WhatsNew for December 2023.

November 28th 2023

Figured out how to put animation to the background of the Challenge Coin page by adding the US flag in motion as the background. Did the same with the welcome page.

November 24th 2023

Rewrote the Challenge Coin page.

November 20th 2023

Moved menu items around on the MainMenu page. Modified the History pages as well as the AWord page.

November 18th 2023

Modified the Contacts Menu page by removing the Related Links and created a Related Links page which includes a link to Our Guestbook. Modified the MainMenu page.

November 15th 2023

Updating more of the Reunion pages, ie, LZ Branson 2016, San Antonio, and Clemmons pages.

November 14th 2023

Updated the mainmenu. Reworked a few of the Reunion pages.

November 13th 2023

Updated all the ThenNNow pages. Updated the LZ Washington, Denver, Louisville, Corpus Christi and Raleigh reunion pages.

November 11th 2023

Still upgrading source code on the Reunions files.

November 9th 2023

Spent a couple of days correcting source code on the Reunions files.

November 7th 2023

Spent the last few days updating many of the menus on various pages. This required a great deal of time.

November 3rd 2023

Updated the all the Unit Patches pages. Finished up the History pages.

November 2nd 2023

Updated the menu code for various menu pages. The MainMenu had a error in the menu for sometime. Got it corrected. Menus now snap from one to another. Updated the History pages with new code.

November 1st 2023

Updated the code for the contact menu as well as the contact photo. Updated the Restoration of 238 pages.

Last Modified: Sunday December 10th, 2023