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State of the 134th Assault Helicopter Company Website

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Webmaster: Hans-Jürgen Underwood
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It was the 16th of September 1997 when the first lines of our website code written using Adobe Flash, a simple to use coding language. Adobe Flash had a good 23 year run and suited my need to code, however, I never imagined nor planned for it to become obsolete. I had a need to learn to use Flash in order to get some coding and web design experience. It was fast and easy to use, allowing me to just display some of my in-country photos. Approximately years ago it was determined Flash code had security issues and was banned and would no longer be allowed to run on any browser. During the LZ Clemmons 2021 reunion annual meeting, I reported that it may be time to take our site down since it was no longer running as designed. The overwhelming response from you was to keep the site up and running, that said, I made a promise to look into a rewrite. The rewrite would require I learn and becoming proficient with three progrmming languages, which btw, I did. Since September 2021 our site has undergone a complete rewrite and as promised, here it is. This is our ongoing story and I don't believe it will ever be completed as more photos become available. Don't get too used to menu items or placement cause they will ultimately change as our story continues to evolve.

Since the beginning it has been my great privilege to have served in the 134th Assault Helicopter Company and for the past years as your webmaster. My personal goal has never wavered; create an everlasting site to honor those who have gone before us, all while creating a site we all can be proud of. It is my hope, when referring to our site, you are proud to say, this is the unit I served and the men I served with during the war and "This is my website". "He who did well in war just earns the right to begin doing well in peace." It is my hope you have found peace in your life. Let me take this opportunity to thank you all for allowing me manage how our story is told and displayed.

It's your messages and phone calls that I enjoy most about serving as your webmaster. Clearly we are in each other's life for a reason. Thanks for showing up. Please do continue to contact me anytime.
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